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Dreadnought dinosaur yields big bone haul

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A detailed write-up on the 77-million-year-old fossils appears in the journal Scientific Reports.

The study group's leader is Kenneth Lacovara from Drexel University, Philadelphia, US.

He told the BBC that the dinosaur's enormous size would have been intimidating.

And for that reason, he has given the beast a name that recalls the massive battleships that revolutionised naval warfare in the early 1900s.

"Dreadnoughtus was huge, and in its environment there would have been nothing that could have preyed on it; it was essentially impervious to attack," he explained.

"And that evoked in my mind those turn-of-the-last-century battleships - the first really big steel battleships - that were also impervious to attack from the other ships that existed at that time. So, what better name than 'dread nought' - 'fears nothing'."

HMS Dreadnought

Why is the fossil only 77 million years old if dinosaurs died out 165 million years ago?

Because it wasn't a fossil in the intervening years?  (I don't know.)

Now I wonder how long it takes to make a fossil. Time for research.

Millions of years, though creationists disagree:

Plane for scale:

largest land dinosaur dreadnoughtus chart plane for scale meme Imgur

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