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Americans Don't Like Visiting the Doctor infographic

Americans Don't Like Visiting the Doctor infographic Americans Visit Their Doctor 4 Times A Year. People In Japan Visit 13 Times A Year [infographic] - Forbes

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It's not that we don't like visiting doctors.

It's that the costs are ridiculously high and mostly hidden until we get the bill.

Some of us do not like visiting the doctor, regardless of cost!  

Why not? It's always an opportunity to learn something!


I have to say I agree with Adam, I avoid unless I'm dying because of the cost, most of which is a mystery till months after your visit, and I have terrible insurance :(

I have good insurance but the actual cost to me is still a mystery until months after the visit.

Because even the doctors don't know what will actually be covered until after they bill.

It used to be the case that deductibles would give us a hint at the cost, but those days are long gone.

And so most people avoid the doctor to avoid being hit by huge mysterious unpredictable costs.

My last visit cost me $500 when the insurance company refused to pay.

They said that billing item number wasn't covered, even though their policy said it was covered.

I argued with them several times over the phone and they won't budge.

These days even good health insurance is bad.

I'd leave them in a heartbeat if there was an alternative. 

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