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Joan Rivers Passed Away at Age 81

Joan Rivers, Dead at 81, Helped Redefine the Role of Women in Comedy | Vanity Fair

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She played with the big boys. Rivers was not about to settle for being “the funniest aunt at the Thanksgiving table.” She started her career playing clubs in the Village along with Woody Allen, George Carlin, and Richard Pryor. In 1983, she became Johnny Carson’s permanent guest host. She set her goals high and worked like crazy to achieve them. She played with the big boys, got burned by the big boys, and rose from the ashes like a perfectly-coiffed phoenix.

She never gave up. Rivers zigged and zagged throughout her career. “I was smart enough to go through any door that opened,” she said. But these moves weren’t always by choice. If she could’ve stayed at that late night desk for 30 years like Dave or Johnny or Jay, I imagine she would have. I still dream of an alternate universe where a Rolling Stone cover proclaims ‘It’s Joan’s World—We Just Live In It.” But sadly, that world doesn’t exist. And even sadder, that job on network TV has never been open to another woman since.

So sad :( I never seen anyone over 80 so full of life. Her career was just going up.

R.I.P. Joan. What did she die of?

Complications from throat surgery.

Geez, that seems like an awful way to die.

Let's celebrate Joan with 27 of her best jokes:

Thank you!  These are so Joan.

Any favorites?

joan rivers funny joke I did the osteoporosis benefit this afternoon and got a stooping ovation meme quote Imgur

Ha! Good one.

Right, Sergey?  I love Fashion Police!

What's Fashion Police?

It's a fashion talk show that Joan hosted with three regular co-hosts and guest hosts.  They hilariously critiqued celebrities' fashion with segments like "Bitch Stole My Look" and "Fashole of the Week."

Like this one?


Oh wow, there are a lot of Fashion Police's on YouTube.

So raunchy and so right.   :)

Photo: Joan Rivers Can we talk?

Joan Rivers' signature opening line "Can we talk?"  

About that catchphrase:

From 1982:

A great bio and Joan interviews Kate Winslet at the 2007 Oscars.

That's good!

From 1983:

LOL.   Sag Harbor and walk-out closets.  :)

Yeah, that was pretty good. And here's the New Yorker:

Joan Rivers New Yorker Magazine comic funny meme Imgur

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