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Nice Bulldogs Teamwork To Get Tire from a Pool

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Best Reddit comment:

I love seeing their thought-process throughout the whole thing.

Okay, I cannot reach the chewy round thing from the ground. What if I stand on this thing? Okay, I'm a little closer and I can see it better but I can't reach it. What if I...JUMP IN okay. Okay. I'm in, it's directly below me. Now if I can just reach it WHAAA THE WATER IS IN MY NOSE. Let's try that agai-IT HAPPENED AGAIN. But I'm so close! Okay, this time...THIS TIME, I've got it. One...two...three...I DID IT! Okay Jimmy don't FUCK THIS UP FOR ME I am giving you the chewy thing. Jimmy? You have it Jimmy? FUCK'S SAKE JIMMY JUST HOLD IT I'M COMING! Okay let me get in position...and PULL! Sweet baby-dog-Jesus it what do we do?

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that reddit comment is perfect!!

i loved him putting his face in the water...

Me too! And then shaking his head because the water feels weird.

Makes me laugh so much!!

it's book-worthy for sure!

"The Bulldogs and the Tire" ?

there's not enough there for a story, but i could definitely make a similar scene within a story where two dogs are trying to figure out how to put their heads underwater and coordinate getting something out.  i love the reddit narrative.

Me too -- it's funny to look at the dogs' expressions and think about what's going through their heads!

dog translators are a fantasy i think we all share.

pixar up dog

far side dog translator

Wait, are they saying SQUIRREL or are they saying HEY HEY HEY ?

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