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Mother of Higgs Boson found in superconductors...

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Mother of Higgs boson found in superconductors: A weird theoretical cousin of the Higgs boson, one that inspired the decades-long hunt for the elusive particle, has been properly observed for the first time. The discovery bookends one of the most exciting eras in modern physics.

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Okay, just so everyone knows, they didn't actually find any new kind of particle. They found a way to create a process that is analogous to the higgs mechanism. The higss mechanism is based of the fact that a massive particle is really the same as a massless particle that is "slowed down" (so not accurate on a technical level but it gives the basic idea). The higgs field gives particles mass by slowing them down through interactions with it mediated by the higgs boson. What this article talks about is a vibrating super conductor that slows light down by electrons (they would be the analogs of the higgs boson in this case) interacting with the light. This effectively gives the photons mass in the same way that the higgs gives other particles mass.

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