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Disruptions: The Next Wave for the Wristwatch -

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I havent tried Nike Fuel yet.

Besides Nike, I'm not sure I feel anyone has nailed the right form factor and experience.

Wearable computing is interesting; I'll be interested to see how the Pebble watch takes off.

I'm sad that Apple retreated from this form factor with the 2012 Nano design.

Are there any you recommend when my last-gen Apple Nano battery doesn't charge anymore?

I think apple is letting everyone else do market research for them; their entry into smart watch and smart glasses is inevitable if they feel its an extension or ancillary device to the iPhone (just like the iPad).

Not sure. WIMM seems to have good reviews:

That makes sense. I'll look into WIMM -- it seems pretty cool.

Absolutely. Me, I'm old-new fashioned. Solar-powered analog watch. A watch is just such a basic thing; I don't want to rely on one with some kind of plug-in rechargeable battery.

Smart glasses, however, seems interesting -- just not ones made by google. For all the flack against Facebook (because its personal information) I think google is much less trustworthy with information, and Apple is actually THE MOST trustworthy, because they don't make money by selling users data or advertising, but by selling the hardware.

Therefore Apple is the most inclined to not be evil; because being evil does not make them money...

Smart glasses would be like a video game HUD; I imagine refined by military special operators in the field, before consumer companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google take that research and build a great consumer device.

Possible use cases: maps + directions, quick search, mp3 and radio.

Actually, Siri is the key to wearable computing for Apple. By 2014 or 2015 when we see Siri 2.0, I think you'd see something special.

Think AirPlay , but instead of iPhone, iPad, Apple TV; you'd see iPhone, iWatch, iGlass all connected being able to transfer media (music, movies, and TV) just as easily as transferring apps, web, and phone/video calls.

And Siri will be useful, because it allows hands free controls. In some sense an iPhone would just power all the other devices, or they have stand-alone OSes, and it's voice activated by saying Siri's name, just like Jarvis in ironman; rather than pushing a button.

Completely unrelated, but other ideas I'd be excited about:

Solar power + digestor to power homes -- freeing people from soaring home energy costs. Solar is not enough, right now; however, solar + digestor could do the trick.

Solar power + electric cars -- freeing people from energy companies dominance

Skype + health-care free doctors visits; social health care for major issues (surgery, cancer, heart disease, et. Al) -- freeing companies from outrageous costs of healthcare.

City farming + clean drinking water solutions from non-potable water.