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Fish filmed spitting ostracod 'fireworks'

BBC Nature - Fish filmed spitting ostracod 'fireworks'

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Most marine bioluminescence is blue, the colour on the visible light spectrum able to travel the furthest through water.

In the deep ocean it is the only light there is.

And according to the filmmakers, it is also why the world's biggest eye has evolved there.

Giant squid's eyes are the size of a human head and are able to detect the faint glow of bioluminescence hundreds of metres below the ocean's surface.

It protects it from its predator, the sperm whale, which moves bioluminescent-producing organisms as it approaches.

"The giant squid's huge eyes allow it to peer further through the gloom and detect these traces of blue bioluminescent light as the sperm whale approaches. It's this spectacular eye that has allowed them to survive in this inky black world," Dr Czerski said.

1. It's awesome thinking about how eyes evolved.

2. Creatures that live in the ocean have no concept of the rest of the universe. To them, the ocean is all that there is. 

geege!  i'm so glad you posted this!  i saw this happening in honduras during a night dive, and i thought the fish had bioluminescent poop!  ostracods escaping makes a much better story.  :)

Ostracods is fun to say, too.

Say it with a lisp for extra fun.  :)


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