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Rep. Todd Akin is wrong about rape and pregnancy, but he’s not alone

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in case you missed the thread, here's why he might think what he thinks

To be fair, nobody could have predicted that compound ignorance would behave like compound interest and have such exponential effects when people who were mandated to receive abstinence only education were put in a position to mandate.

the way this resembles the global warming misinformation campaign is mind blowing. pseudo-scientific-language essays that confuse long enough to get an agenda through.

WHICH global warming misinformation campaign? neither side can be trusted.

Actually, that's kind of the point, Jason.

If the debaters don't start with facts, how can they actually debate?

I've heard the phrase Cold Civil War bandied about lately.... I think it describes pretty well to what degree either side (of many issues) are genuinely interested in a debate.

It's a great strategy for any conservative to not agree on any facts -- because the goal is to keep things as they are, resisting debate is an effective blocking tool.

the group that calls itself "conservative" these days, by and large, is far from conservative. Zealots can be called conservative about as truthfully as leftists can be called liberal....

Actually, it seems like both my liberal friends AND my libertarian friends dislike that the zealots have done to the Republican party.

Is there any way to bring the party back to sanity or must it, too, start over?

Yes, there is a way to bring back sanity to the GOP: financially support sane candidates in the primaries, federal, state, and local, even if you are a Democrat. Make sure every seat is competitive in November by continually voting against incumbents, regardless of party.

And the biggest, most difficult thing to do: specifically, and cognitively deny moral association to political positions. Purposely suppress ideological tribalism..

I have faced more discrimination and violence (yes, violence) for simply being attached to the word 'Republican' or 'conservative' than any other aspect of my life. Both sides consider the other side the embodiment of evil and civil discourse will not happen until more people openly and expressly resist base tribalism.

(and I'm a monarchist, thankyouverymuch.. lol)

Wow, violence. That's sad.

I'm not in favor of voting against all incumbents -- some are worth keeping.

But your main point is a good one: always vote for who you think is best.

Actually no. that's not my point... my point is that no politician or party is worth even the slightest bit of loyalty. They have none towards you.

But in any given election you should pick who you think is best for the job, right?

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