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How the death of a loved one ended a Diablo III addiction | VentureBeat

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My wife tended to her mom, and I sat at the table playing Diablo III on the laptop. Tirelessly clicking through the endless grind of boss farming and auction-house scouring. Rinse and repeat.

All of the sudden, in my head came the image of my wife scolding me about my attitude that day at the lake, and I thought: "What am I doing? I am repeatedly playing the same quests and killing the same monsters to get better gear, to kill monsters faster, and to do the same thing over and over again ad infinitum. At the same time, I am neglecting the things that really matter in life. In the real world. Family. Even while I may not have much time left with them."

Little did I know, I had three precious weeks left with my mother-in-law before she would pass away. Little did I know what a joy it could be to just sit and listen and interact with family. To get to know my nieces a little more. To get closer to my brother- and sister-in-law. To spend time not being distracted by some form of digital entertainment and "just being." All the stuff that before I avoided at all cost.

Through no strength of my own did I come to the realization that gaming -- as fun, enlightening, and entertaining as it can be -- cannot replace face-to-face interactions with real human beings. For me, gaming can quickly move from a hobby to an all out addiction. One that if left unchecked can be as hurtful to myself and my loved ones as any illicit drug.

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