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Houston Texans' J.J. Watt literally Googled 'What do rich people buy?'

Houston Texans J J Watt literally Googled What do rich people buy

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Aw shucks:

By now we know that humility is Justin James (J.J.) Watt's new middle name. Or maybe just a new initial.

Last week, the rather outsized (even by football measures) Houston Texan publicly signed a six-year, $100 million deal to remain the team’s human wrecking ball until he’s 31 years old. The PR folks down in Houston began to spin follow-up stories to keep Watt and the team in the sports spotlight—a fickle beam—for as long as possible.

Cue Watt after the Texans' 17-6 victory over the Washington Redskins. In what had to be an arranged moment, Fox Sports reporter Laura Okmin asked the towering defensive end what he planned to do after signing a massive deal with the Texans. Watt's response? “I Googled ‘What do rich people buy' because I don’t feel like a rich person, and I don’t really try to act like a rich person, so I don’t know what they buy. I didn’t really like the stuff I saw, so I’m gonna stick with my humble lifestyle and just keep working out.”

Watch the video here:

JJ Watt has similar attitude about money as Gronk: