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Don’t Vote. They’re Not Going to Fix the Potholes | Café Casey

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Should you vote? Does your vote matter? It's a conversation I have with my students every chance I get, especially given the fact that so many Americans voluntarily give up their rights to vote, even as those throughout the world give up their lives. 

We vote to honor those who gave us the right to vote, not to change things.

I vote in honor of those who fight to vote with far more courage than I–people who stand up and refuse to be silenced. I speak from the safety and shelter of a system that allows me to say what I want, write what I feel, and be who I want to be. I vote in honor of those who do not.

I vote in honor of every soldier who’s served this nation to ensure I retain my right to vote and live a life where sadly, people take freedom, voting, and safety for granted.

I vote in honor of those who lost their jobs and livelihoods crusading so I can put a ballot in a box.

Every time I pull the lever of privilege, I think of those who can’t, those who sit–or have sat–in jails, beaten, bloodied, those who have died, and those who have waited their entire lives to be counted and heard.

It would be swell if our votes actually mattered but I agree with your point that votes don't actually matter.

Given that fact, would you vote just to honor your freedoms and respect those who came before? Sounds like a loaded question, but I am actually asking:) 

That's pretty much the only reason to vote, so yes. 

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