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Thinking of Reclining Your Set When You Fly? Think Again.

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Do the majority American frequent flyers wake up at night, doused in sweat, panicking at the thought of somebody reclining a seat on their knees? In fact the vast majority of travelers are annoyed when unruly children are knowingly brought onboard by their parents, according to a survey by Fivethirtyeight.

Where's the compassion?  You put small children who don't understand what's happening to their ears in a confined space with strangers and blame the parents for "knowingly" bringing them onboard?  

What are they supposed to do with their unruly children? Leave them home?

That said, I hate flying. Hate it. 

Me too.  I feel as if I'm in an MRI tube.

I hope someone invents teleportation soon. 

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