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Do Prosecutors Have Too Much Power? - Room for Debate -

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The problem of power is discretion. Most people will prolly boggle at this suggestion, but we need to ban prosecutorial discretion. (an alliterative!!! geek w00tz!)

We have increasingly tyrannical laws in order to give prosecutors the open ability to _find_ crimes (also to let their friends/kids/donors off) in any given behavior. When you hear talk of prosecutorial "tools" this is what they mean. If prosecutors are required to litigate every minor violation of law, people will quickly demand simpler, easier, cheaper, and just plain fewer laws.

I'd like fewer laws, please.

Why do the number of laws seem to be monotonically increasing?

My theory, aside from congresscritters and other electetards making work for themselves, is that it is due to existing laws being sporadically enforced and no one willing to stand up to prosecutors and police unions when they keep demanding more.

My theory is that when you have hundreds of thousands of lawyers, they have a vested interest in making more laws.

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