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GM will introduce hands-free, foot-free driving in 2017 Cadillac

GM will introduce hands free foot free driving in 2017 Cadillac LA Times


GM is to offer what it is calling “Super Cruise” in a new Cadillac model that Barra didn’t name.

The system will allow drivers to switch the vehicle into a semi-automated mode in which it will automatically keep the car in its lane, making necessary steering adjustments, and autonomously trigger braking and speed control to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.

“With Super Cruise, when there's a congestion alert on roads like California's Santa Monica Freeway, you can let the car take over and drive hands-free and feet-free through the worst stop-and-go traffic around,” Barra said. “And if the mood strikes you on the high-speed road from Barstow, California to Las Vegas, you can take a break from the wheel and pedals and let the car do the work.”

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Just think of all the things you'll be able to do!    In the Fapmobile!

That had not occurred to me until you mentioned it.

I wonder if Spider-Man already thought of this.

spiderman masturbating

Is there a Fap-Man?  No, really.

Spider-Man IS Fap-Man. Search for "spider-man meme" sometime...

spider-man masturbating meme

Ahhh.  Does whatever a spider can.

I didn't realize spiders can fap. 

Spiderman fapping

Spiderman fapping


Eight little hands, no fapping.  But if they did it would be silken.


Spiderman family feud meme imgur tumblr

Kate Upton please fap gif tumblr imgur


this whole thread... you two bantering... spider-man... and to think it started with a self-driving car.  :)

It started when we dared ask ourselves what men would do with the free hands that a self-driving car enables... And it just went downhill from there. 

Boy, that escalated quickly.

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