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How some $1,000 backers of this gaming Kickstarter made their money back, and more

How some 1 000 backers of this gaming Kickstarter made their money back and more Polygon


"We didn’t do it on purpose. It was never our plan to do this thing," Overton explained. "We just got to the point where we thought the Commanders were pretty nice, and we could sell them."

"We did have people sign a contract, because it wasn’t part of the initial deal," he continued.  "We actually asked permission. We said would you like us to sell your commander, and we’ll give you a portion of the proceeds?" Almost everyone said yes.ALLY"

So the units were put for sale, with some going for as little as $5 to $10 for a limited time, and others for $10 to $15. Some really good-looking units were sold for as much as $25. These characters are cosmetic, and don't give any other bonuses to the purchaser.

"We don’t really know how to price these things, actually," Overton said. "We just kind of threw some numbers up like ‘I really like this one, I would pay this much for that! Bam!’ That’s kind of how we did it. We didn’t think about it too hard."

The team wouldn’t confirm the percentage split between Uber and each Kickstarter backer, but Polygon was told the backer received a "substantial" amount of the sale price of each unit sold.

"We have people who have gotten four digit recoup already. We’ve already passed that. We had people who passed that four digit mark before the game was officially launched," Overton said.  In other words, some backers have already made back their $1,000, and are now making a profit on their backing of the game.

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Good story. Crowdfunding seems like it would be better in the long run if it could give back to its early supporters like this.

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