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U2’s Forgettable Fire - The New Yorker

U2 s Forgettable Fire The New Yorker


“The track sounds like seventeen different bands averaged out in Yelp and turned into an Active Rock Smoothie.” 


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Yesterday, to help to celebrate the celebration of a phone and a watch and the omnipresent-overlord vibes of Apple, its C.E.O., Tim Cook, announced that the new U2 album, “Songs of Innocence,” was being added automatically to everyone’s iTunes library. 

That’s right, even if you didn’t ask for the new U2, it showed up in your iTunes music library. Except if it didn’t. My iTunes Store cheerfully insisted that I already had the album in my library. I did not. Whether an iCloud mix-up or an iTunes glitch, early adopters and heavy users should beware of Apple products not working with Apple products (or iTunes Store copy leaving out a note about hinkty little preferences boxes that need checking). 

This heightens the feeling of the music and the gear—all of it—being for the casual user, and not of any great significance. What Cook and U2 probably wanted to duplicate yesterday was the organic delight when Beyoncé released an entire album out of the blue last December on iTunes. Instead, U2 stuffed a locksmith card in your doorframe, which you’ve probably already tossed. In case you didn’t delete this modern-rock wet wipe, here is my track-by-track guide to “Songs Of Innocence,” by those famous tax-avoiders U2.

Holy smokes, once Apple Beats by Dre makes a wireless headset that gets auto-implanted into our ears, Apple will be able to automatically download music to our heads without our even asking for it!

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