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Woah! So this is how it feels when Nascars fly by at over 200mph!

Warning: LOUD.

NASCAR speed of 320 km/hr is FAST.

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Here is a good video that shows "fast" cars vs race cars:

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that is SO cool!  makes me want to go to f1 in austin this november...

i love reddit. in those comments, someone posted this video,

to which someone responded: "The guy in dark blue didn't even flinch. Badass."

i'm still laughing at the badass in dark blue!  it's true: he didn't even flinch!

How does he not flinch?! Wow.

You're right, Reddit is great for comments like that.

Is the f1 in Austin good?

i haven't been yet. but i'm considering going this year....

austin in november is wonderful no matter what.  :)

Is it more autumny with leaves turning, or is it more like Florida?

I didn't realize Austin has a racetrack. 

it's autumny with leaves turning.  and the temperature is lovely, 60s-70s.

austin's racetrack is brand new.  it was built in 2012.

Well, that sounds like an excellent trip. You're going in November?

i'm considering it... tickets are still for sale!

Seems worth it. :)

pandawhale party!!!

City of Austin knows how to party.

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