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giphy Reddit AMA

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Giphy asking Redditors to please use Giphy:

What’s up, Reddit?

We’re Nick, Tyler, and Andrea from Giphy, the internet’s go-to spot to search, share and discover all the best GIFs. If you haven’t heard of us, check out the site (

We serve about 2 billion GIFs per month and power the GIFs behind some of your favorite internet tools like IFTTTSlackRelay, MIT’s GIFGIF, and more.

Let’s be real: we’re really proud of our site and we’d love more redditors to start using it. So, we’re going to start running ads on Reddit for the next month and you'll see us around. But before they get started, we wanted to say ‘hi’ and answer any questions you might have.

Like, “Are you guys releasing some new features any time soon?” Well, funny you should (sort of) ask because we have two new features rolling out today:

  • Giphy now supports GIF uploads. The upload size is unlimited so feel free to upload your HD GIFs. What’s also cool about our upload functionality is that you can upload any MP4 file and it will convert into a GIF. This functionality even works on mobile, too, so take a video with your phone, upload and voila! It becomes a GIF that can be shared.
  • We know Redditors love GIFs that load super fast so we now offer the HTML5 video version of all our GIFs. Find the link on every GIF permalink page under “Share”.

There's something too cheerful about their demeanor for me.

Giphy says playing their gifs on Facebook is their differentiator:

Awesome question. So user uploads is a new feature for us, as we’ve primarily fiocused on being a gif search engine for all the gifs ever and makes them easy to find.

In terms of hosting, we have feature parity with these other sites, but primarily:

  • we’re free
  • no file size limits for uploads
  • you can tag and organize your gifs
  • we offer html5 versions of every gif
  • we got nice sharing features (our gifs play iinline on FB, twitter)
  • we’re eager and willing to build you guys the best tool there is.

Are there other features you’d like to see?

Btw it's pronounced Giffy not Jiffy:

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