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‘Mortal Kombat II’ 20 Years Later: An Undeniable Character Ranking

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1. Scorpion

Cumulative Fighter Score: 92/100

The most fun name: Scorpion.

The most enjoyable color palette: black and yellow.

The most clever troll: His outfit is actually meant to mock Sub-Zero’s, whom he hates desperately.

The most underrated special move: when he teleports behind you.

The most intriguing categorization: antihero.

The most complex existence: morally neutral, but by necessity not due to apathy.

The most relatable backstory: revenge.

The most iconic special move: the roped spear.

The most unforgettable saying: “Get over here!”

The best Mortal Kombat character of all time: Scorpion.

They just had project scorpion on the radio the other day.  I wonder if it'll compete with project Alice.  :-)

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