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Curry vs Ellis: Choose Already.

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The Warriors right now cannot become a winning team without changing something:

The Warriors may be fearful of parting with talent on account of Jeremy Lin. If time and a little system tweak turned Jeremy into Linsanity!, then imagine what the right team could do for Monta or Steph.

But. They have. To choose.

If the frontcourt is the issue, then how do you fix it? The only way is to trade one of the two starters who still carry trade value. Those two guys happen to be Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry.

Andris Biedrins has no trade value, David Lee’s contract makes him a tough sell. It has to be Monta or Steph. The question is less about, “Can they play together?” and more about, “Which do they move to get better?” My preference would be Ellis because Ellis already had his shot as a solo operator.

But honestly, and again: It’s more important to make a move. Inaction is a decision in of itself, one that most assuredly guarantees a negative outcome. So if a trade means dumping Monta for cap room? Fine. Do it–so long as they don’t repeat the Jason Richardson affair, and go on to waste cap room on the next Maggette. It is necessary for the Warriors to take path, be that rebuilding, or trading for a shot at the playoffs. Right now, they’re not on one.

ANY decision is better than no decision.

Change something. Choose already!

(originally posted March 8, 2012)