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Some things you can do in your sleep, literally

Some Things You Can Do In Your Sleep, Literally : Shots - Health News : NPR

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Haha, I hope no one figures out how to get me to work in my sleep!

People who are fast asleep can correctly respond to simple verbal instructions, according to a study by researchers in France. They think this may help explain why you might wake if someone calls your name or why your alarm clock is more likely to rouse you than any other noise.

The connections between sleep, memory and learning aren't new — but the research is notable for its examination of automatic tasks.The study, published Thursday in Current Biology, first recorded the brain waves of people while they were asked to identify spoken words as either animals or objects while they were awake. After each word, the participant pushed a button with either their right hand for animals or their left hand for objects.

The brain map produced by the EEG showed where activity was taking place in the brain and what parts of the brain were being prepped for response. This preparation might include hearing the word elephant and then processing that an elephant is an animal. The participants did this until the task became automatic.

"Haha, I hope no one figures out how to get me to work in my sleep!" because

Was that before or after "everyday I'm shuffling"?

It inspired "everyday I'm shuffling".

The dance too?

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