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Destiny Is Great, if You Can Ignore Your Life

Destiny Is Great if You Can Ignore Your Life WIRED


I stand, throwing my arms in the air. “Who is this for? Whose life does this fit into?” I ask. I am, at this moment, incredulous. We are about to have a baby; I cannot even answer the door. The combination of this blink-and-you’re-vaporized difficulty and an inability to pause the action, it seems to me, restricts Destiny‘s audience to people who can afford to shut off the world for vast stretches at a time. This is not a game that wants to fill the odd hours in my life, it demands all of it.

“The game is always afoot,” a representative for Bungie said. “Can’t pause Destiny. Can’t pause Twitter. Can’t pause life.”

Yeah, see, there’s the problem. What if Destiny is successful to the point that this is what big triple-A console games become? Does that just cut me out entirely? You can’t pause life, but this ain’t life. There’s a reason we call this place Game|Life, with the big line down the middle. Destiny, for all its appeal, crept over that line a little too far for me.

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You can't pause Twitter but you can ignore it.

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