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"In the End Go with Your Gut" - Here is How to Make Sense of Conflicting Startup Advice, from the sage Mark Suster

mark suster

Everybody has a blog these days and there is much advice to be had. Many startups now go through accelerators and have mentors passing through each day with advice – usually it’s conflicting. WTF? There are bootcamps, startup classes, video interviews – the sources are now endless. What is a founder to do?

There are some smart if not somewhat cerebral bloggers I read who say that you shouldn’t take any startup advice at all because it’s too generalized to be useful to your situation. While I have some sympathy with their intent I must point out that their opinions on this are – ironically – startup advice. And not a point-of-view I particularly believe in.

So what IS one to do?

1. Triangulate

2. Draw from Frameworks

3. Think Critically about Your Situation

4. In the End Go with Your Gut

Here is How to Make Sense of Conflicting Startup Advice

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Sad that he needed to write a whole article telling founders to listen to their instincts. 


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