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The oxymoron of New Super Mario Bros. 2 |

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Love this.

I feel him. Another Mario game? Yawn.

Nintendo will reboot the classics from here to kingdom come.

I'd like to give some of those classics the boot.

Peter thiel is right. We are no longer determinate optimists. I mean, when total recall gets rebooted as a movie ...that doesn't speak well for our risk tolerance as a society.

Total Recall's reboot failed.

Just because they can reboot does not mean they will succeed.

The last mario I played was Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64. Those, I suspect, are still the two best titles in franchise history.

In fact, many Nintendo games best titles are considered to be the N64 edition; e.g. Ocarina of Time (Zelda), Mario Kart, Mario, even other titles like Goldeneye. I can't think of a legendary Wii game; even though the company sold so many units.

I think what's happened to Nintendo is that their games have no story, and gamers are more and more interested in story-driven gaming these days.

HOw else can you explain that David Goyer of the Dark Knight fame is involved in Call of Duty?

not much of a game, i agree

From the description or did you try it?

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