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Amazing Russian Gymnasts video

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 Here's what they're saying:

F: Look at the bright costumes. Look how easily they move. Look at how they're making this pyramid. The middle one is holding.

M: Dear God. How are they...

F: And then she's doing (inaudible). Here, look. What a beautiful, original pyramid. And all of this is done with ease; here the middle one is switching to a new position. Everything is precise. Confident. Not a single muscle out of place. And they're gonna continue smiling.

F: They're greeted with standing ovations at every competition. Ease of execution... and the elements, and composition... despite the fact that the level of difficulty is very high, the highest of everyone at the championship.

M: The camera operator prematurely zoomed out...

F: Yes.

M: ...having already been trained to do so.

M: Although it was a bit higher and more difficult.

F: Higher and more difficult, yeah.

F: They are of course, the undisputed champions of our team, and for several years now.

F: Look at how the composition is spread out.

F: They're executing the elements with such ease...

M: [chuckles]

F: We're obviously witnessing years of experience, the high level of expertise that these sportswomen have.

M: Magnificent. Well done!

F: They must have a great score. And here, it's... They're going to not show it again?

M: Maybe they will show the...

F: No. They couldn't show it. Well, a triple somersault.

M: They tried. [chuckles] Awesome.

F: Unfortunately we did not see it.

M: Seeing these competitions in person...

F: It's very interesting in person. Very gripping.

M: So what will they give them for difficulty, for that right there? Any bets?

F: Ten points they'll definitely have.

M: Ten, with a little extra, it seems. Or what? Those other ones had 10.005.

F: So, our difficulty is just over 230 units. So how much is our difficulty... I don't know, in qualifiers

M: 230.

100 Reddit comments:

They're like a human Swiss Army knife!!

They really are! Russian army knife?

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