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Is the midlife crisis just an excuse?

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Paul Dolan, professor of behavioural science at the London School of Economics, and author of Happiness by Design, believes we need a mix of purpose and pleasure in order to feel truly happy. In a forthcoming paper, he argues that much of the economic literature on midlife crises focuses on our evaluations of what makes us happy rather than our actual experiences. In other words, the stories we tell ourselves about what makes us happy – that a prestigious job is good – even if our day-to-day experience of the work makes us miserable.

To put it another way, without meaning there cannot be happiness.

I'm curious, if "midlife crisis" used to be a simple synopsis of older, balding guys buying red convertibles and dating women half their age, how is it that they are now comparing women in their 30s worried about their jobs having meaning as even remotely experiencing or behaving anything like their old geezer fathers...

Hasn't midlife crisis just been a male gender issue, or has it really become the echt existentialist aging issue that now impacts all sexes in their 30s?

As I've heard it through the decades, midlife crisis has always been used and satirized as a social euphemism for precipitous testosterone decline... and the ridiculous compensating behaviors that follow.

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