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Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 4GB vs Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 Asus 4GB Edition GPU compatibility performance comparison

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GTX 690 looks like for an extra $100, you get less GPU cores, the same frame buffer size, 211mhz more clock speed, and 125% more overclocking.  So unless you are a serious overclocker with a 4k 60hz monitor, no need to drop the cash.  GTX 690 is still king of the hill. 

And it only costs an extra $100? That seems like a good deal.

Well.  I'd want a 4k Monitor. You can get an Asus 60Hz gaming 28" one for about $700 including tax.  But then to play games on full Ultra mode, you'd probably want two GTX 980's to replace the dual GPU of the 690 (two 690 GPUs on one board is almost the same as one 980), so that's either buy another GTX 690 for $500 or a new 980 for around $600.  I'll then want to upgrade my 1500W power supply to be a module cable 1500W one for about $450 even though the dual GTX 690s use a 220W window and the GTX 980 uses only 165W, I'll probably overclock and and run a ton of power through it anyways.  

So unfortunately for me, it's probably a $2350 upgrade.  I guess it'll have to wait.

Whew. Good idea. Thanks for the clarification. 

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