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An interview with Prof Carol Dweck: fixed and growth mindsets

"An interview with Prof Carol Dweck: fixed and growth mindsets" ( )
10:47 AM Sep 20 2014

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The first is that she and her collagues were able to improve tolerance of out-groups by promoting a growth mindset - without creating any empathy for (or even referring to) the outgroup, showing the potential power of mindset both inside and out of the classroom. In general, I am very interested in the role of empathy in many areas, so this particularly intrigues me. (Speaking of empathy, Dr Brene Brown gave an inspiring and thought-provoking talk last week on empathy, vulnerability and shame.)  The other is that in this same article she sheds new light on willpower, showing that depletion of willpower is conditional on the person’s beliefs about whether it depletes over time or whether instead it strengthens over time! Willpower is certainly a hot area right now (at least in behavioural economics circles), and so this will be a fascinating strand of research to stay informed about. 

Willpower is of limited supply so it must be spent carefully. 

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