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Reddit Rant

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Given enough time, these power-users, or moderators of a single forum, will eventually consolidate power. They will obtain moderation rights over several forums, and/or have the ability to grant moderator privileges to others. That gives them great sway in dictating the direction of the forums. Although voting on content is nominally democratic, moderators have the ability to filter which topics get posted, remove topics they dislike, and even ban users they're unable to control. Although the voting is democratic, the application of the rules by moderators is often arbitrary and self-serving.

So no, I'm not surprised at the state Reddit has arrived. Many sections of the site are now fiefdoms for anti-social trolls. This is disappointing. It is sad. It's not surprising. This is what happens when people (often men) are allowed to create their own playgrounds with no real dissent and no need to treat opposing positions fairly.

In real life, conflict needs to be resolved in some manner. Tensions eventually come to a head. You cannot go through life in society without interacting with other people, which means that, at least on a very minimal level, you have to attempt to understand other people. On the Internet there's no need to understand other people. You can flame them, troll them, ignore them, or ban them. There's no need at all to tolerate differences. People who flock to these communities do so forsameness, for other people who think like they do, who enjoy the same entertainment they do. There's no need to evaluate one's own position or thinking. If you pre-suppose that your desires are appropriate and justified, all you need to do is seek out other people who feel the same way. In the past that was Digg, today it is Reddit, tomorrow it will be something else.

It's really quite laughable that Reddit would call their platform a new form of government, when it really amounts to a giant series of echo chambers. Come to think about it, a bunch of insular assholes harming the lives of others without a second thought does come painfully close to resembling the US House of Representatives... Maybe they're onto something.

LOL at the last paragraph. 

me too

I can't read tiny white text on black... I am a webdev and my eyes are weak now. Also, is he saying whine whine whine i am white man or is he saying whiny white men suck? Sometimes they think they are saying the former but actually they are saying the latter.

I think he is saying the later. 

I agree with Jared, he's saying whiny white men suck. 

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