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The Sci Fi Audacity of Terry Gilliam - Esquire

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Ultimately, however, Gilliam's films are distinctive because of their rambunctious ruminations on desire, fate, love, free will, loneliness, and loss, all within the confines of overarching satires about individuals' relationship to government, big business, and their fellow man. Synthesizing Vonnegut, Dali, Marker, Descartes, and Looney Tunes(to name just a few inspirations), Brazil12 Monkeys, and The Zero Theoreminvestigate questions about the nature of self and the push-pull between knowledge and ignorance, freedom and slavery, and joy and desolation. These manic tales skewer the powers-that-be that seek dominion over our every waking moment. They're frenzied sendups of our failings and virtues, and as such, they've paved the way for modern science fiction to embrace outrage and absurdity in a manner that's both intimate and epic.

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