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The Lost Cast’s Post-Lost Careers, Ranked

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1. Michelle Rodriguez

On Lost: Ana Lucia Cortez, tough-as-nails former cop and ringleader of the "tailies." Briefly romanced Jack and Sawyer, accidentally shot Shannon, half-intentionally shot by Michael.

After¬†Lost:¬†Rodriguez appeared in a slew of¬†Fast & Furious¬†sequels, both¬†Machete¬†movies, one chapter of¬†Resident Evil, both the alien action movie¬†Battle: Los Angeles¬†and the political protest drama¬†Battle In Seattle, the animated kids movie¬†Turbo, and¬†Avatar‚ÄĒonly the most successful movie of all time.¬†She also dated Zac Efron.¬†She wins.

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