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Harold aspires to be the first game with the ‘quality’ of a Disney movie (preview) | VentureBeat

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When you name drop a company like Disney as inspiration for your new game, citing many of its revered 2D animated films like The Jungle Book or The Lion King, you better have the art, animation, and music to back it up. Developer Moonspider Studio went one step further: It actually hired veteran Disney animators to work on its upcoming downloadable game, Harold.

Planned for release on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and PCs in early 2013, Harold is a side-scroller that puts you in the role of a guardian angel who’s assigned to help the lovably lazy Harold compete in a global marathon against other guardian angels and their runners. Using your heavenly powers, you give Harold a hand in navigating past a series of deadly obstacles — and this assistance includes sabotaging your competition. But shooting for that No. 1 spot won’t be easy, as the game is unrelentingly fast, requiring intense level memorization and split-second decision making to shave precious seconds off the clock.

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