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A Virtual Solution to Airplane Fights

A Virtual Solution to Airplane Fights Bloomberg View


The solution that Airbus patented? Potentially the world’s most complicated “headrest” whichaccording to the paperwork, includes something that looks like a fighter-jet pilot’s helmet, and contains earphones, “an opto-electronic screen” and “means for diffusing at least an odorous substance.” Does our flying future containpotpourri-scented movies on the red-eye?

virtual-reality helmet is a fun idea, especially if you’re not bothered by the possibility that Airbus may be interested in mitigating passenger discomfort via immersive media. In the words of the patent filing: “In all cases, the invention improves therefore the comfort of the passengers and the pleasantness of their flight.” Easier said than done when you're paying a lot for very cramped quarters.

Of course, there’s almost no chance that airlines that still give away disposable headphones in economy class are suddenly going spring for virtual-reality helmets. (Airbus also indicated to Wired that it has no immediate plans to bring this to market.) 

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This is super cool. Seriously.

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