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This is the final prototype of the retail Oculus Rift, and we've played it

This is the final prototype of the retail Oculus Rift and we ve played it Polygon



Mitchell said you could make a few assumptions about the consumer version from the Crescent Bay prototype: The things that they've added and showed at the event are things they care deeply about. The features missing from the prototype? It's possible they won't make it into the final product.

This is a look at the roadmap, which he admits they've been cagey about, but the retail unit is the next step.


No one seemed willing to comment on a possible launch date for the consumer version, but it seemed like this latest version of the hardware was much closer to what we can expect from that upcoming product. This is why Crescent Bay units are unlikely to be sent out in any great number, if at all: Oculus is hard at work on the final, retail version of the hardware.

"This is more like the HD prototype, we're gunning to the consumer version, we don't have a lot of time or bandwidth to productize another development kit," Mitchell said.

The final demo was the showstopper: A slow-motion trip through a futuristic war zone. It wasn't interactive, but everything felt real. Uncomfortably so. I found myself dodging bullets and shrapnel, and grimacing when things exploded nearby. A car was caught in the blast and flew over me; I could look up and see someone pinned inside. The robot at the end of the demo bent down to scream in my face, and once again I pulled back, sucking air through my teeth.

I would go through this demo two more times throughout the course of the day and I would explore the scene, admiring the work done on the gun models and the body armor of the soldiers, walking around and bending down close to see every detail. That first time made me feel like I was in a war myself, however, and I couldn't keep my body from reacting.

Gaming is about to change, and the players willing to upgrade their systems to take full advantage are going to find themselves in a whole new world.

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Why do I have the feeling this is going to be a giant letdown after all the hype?

I like "UGH MY TEETH" as a headline btw.

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