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the clitoris revealed

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this is good stuff.  i can't believe we are JUST learning this now.  what a bunch of monkeys...

Can this article be summed up with this sentence?

The concern is that insecure people (mostly men, I should think) need to place blame for perceived sexual failure (tallied in orgasms) on not-themselves.

that was part of it.

this was the other part:

Far from the knob of flesh it is often denigrated as, the clitoris is a multi-part system which Helen O’Connell called the clitoral complex. It has extensive subdermal erectile tissue apart from the glans and raphe body, to include bulbs and crura. Robert King wrote, it has at least eighteen distinct interacting functional parts including muscular, erectile, and sensitive tissues. MRI studies revealed that most of these structures expand significantly during arousal and the bulbs can effectively wrap about the vagina. It is, in a word, quite spectacular.

Spectacular is a wonderful word for it!

Georgia O'Keefe was right!!


georgia o keefe

"Clitoral glowing varies by person; do not be alarmed if yours does not illuminate."(source: wiki). Wait, what?

so hot. and glow in the dark. =p

Cool.  I won't need to use my flashlight app so much.

wait, what?  yours doesn't glow all by itself??


Glowing Add-ons could be a good name for a rock band.

Or a kickstarter.

It would make a great rock band name!  I believe mine are factory-installed.

OK not to be an idiot but... is there a DONUT in my ladybits?!?!?

i found that part of the image confusing too.  i think it's just the overhead view of the uterus, which has surprisingly thick muscle walls.  here is a side shot, if that makes it any clearer.

Reminds me of what a friend observed about sexual apparatus:  men are digital and women are analog.

Digital! Ha!

Does this look analog to you?

The clitoris revealed, and how io9 got it wrong - Incredulous | Incredulous


(Digital meaning on/off)

I love that we have vestibules in our bodies.

Dare I ask what a vestibule is?

Like a foyer I guess.

Dare I ask what a foyer is?

A warm, inviting chamber where guests are welcomed before they enter the living quarters.

That actually sounds quite lovely. 

i like that you've used the words "wonderful" "spectacular" and "lovely" on this page.

Isn't it magnificent? :)

yes, indeed. :)

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