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people's climate march in manhattan

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over 400,000 people marching is an impressive turnout!

So why does it seem like its so difficult to make progress?

Because the cures don't affect nor match the problem.   Further, it gets "marketed and sold" as an alarmist treatise which a) people don't respond well to, and b) continuously are being prove false. 

Still, it would be nice to get 400,000 people to do something more productive than March. 

i think marching is kind of beautiful.  plus, it's better than driving!

I guess it's hard for someone who's time-pressed to appreciate that some people have no better use of that time than to March. 

yeah, i understand that!

i walked in on a march in manhatten once by accident.  then i joined it for blocks and blocks, shouting for peace in the middle east!  (we marched to the restaurant we were headed to anyhow.)

it was actually quite fun and exhilarating.  we even felt like we had accomplished something!

I think that's the problem I have with it.

It's a lot of effort and energy spent that makes the marchers feel good despite no progress.

Wouldn't it be better to spend that energy on making some progress?

400,000 people could make some beautiful art in a couple hours.

Now that's an idea I like. 

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