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Myst: What made Myst so popular?

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Short answer: It set a new level in how immersive a game could be. Putting on headphones and 'walking' through the Myst world felt more real than any game experience before it, even in the original version that jumped from pre-rendered point to point instead of being rendered on the fly as later updates did.

And that was before Augmented Reality existed.

has Augmented reality found its "myst" yet? or Avatar and 3d? I feel like it's there, but I don't give a crap about it yet. AR-- so what.

AR is a strange concept for video games. Games, movies, and books all have an immersive quality. People describe "losing themselves" in the (non)fictions-world. The idea of AR and games seem to not mix well.

Geocaching, location check-ins and the like are ... seriously not on-par with an immersive video game; very real, but different.

WordLens is probably the best AR app so far.

Put the phone over a foreign language and it translates in place.

Very cool and very useful.

Now that would be a phenomenal use for Google Glass; immigrants or travelers could use it for reading translation.

Quality of visuals and sound.  It was all new territory, they were on the frontier.