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Naomi Klein on Cause of Climate Crisis: "Capitalism Is Stupid"

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The good news is that Klein has written an immensely hopeful book, a book about people who believe they can make change and who are doing it in the face of a political and economic system that would seem to doom them to failure. She doesn't define what comes after capitalism, leaving that to the social movements she describes being born all over the world, but sketches its broad outlines, letting us know what this new climate justice movement is against - but also what it is for - and making a case for a broad redistributive justice movement that would include already-existing movements for racial justice, feminism and decolonization.

NEWS FLASH: "Multigenerational Red Diaper Baby Rehashes Discredited Trope: No Matter What the Problem, Solution is More Communism"

Film at 11!

I have no idea what any of this means. 

But I do know that her blaming capitalism isn't going to get us any progress. 

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