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Cartman business plan advice on how to win at Kickstarter: Start up, Cash in, Sell out, Bro down.

cartman kickstarter meme Imgur 4 point plan start up cash in sell out bro down washington redskins 2014


4 point plan: 1. Start Up. 2. Cash In. 3. Sell Out. 4. Bro Down.

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This is an upgrade from the Underpants Gnomes business advice.

underpants gnomes meme Imgur phase 1 collect underpants phase 2 ? phase 3 profit

Cartman's advice is from the South Park "Go Fund Yourself" season 18 episode 1:

"Things to fix":

south park kickstarter go fund yourself meme Imgur

south park butters meme is this the company where I dont get raped go fund yourself Imgur

Note that South Park changed RG3 to Kirk Cousins after RG3 got hurt:

south park rg3 kirk cousins meme go fund yourself s18e1 Imgur

Reddit comments:

cartman oh my god that weird little jewy guy kyle gif Imgur South Park s18e1

cartman fuck you meme Imgur washington redskins south park go fund yourself kickstarter

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