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Think you drink a lot? This chart will tell you

Think you drink a lot This chart will tell you The Washington Post


I double-checked these figures with Cook, just to make sure I wasn't reading them wrong. "I agree that it’s hard to imagine consuming 10 drinks a day," he told me. But, "there are a remarkable number of people who drink a couple of six packs a day, or a pint of whiskey."

As Cook notes in his book, the top 10 percent of drinkers account for well over half of the alcohol consumed in any given year. On the other hand, people in the bottom three deciles don't drink at all, and even the median consumption among those who do drink is just three beverages per week.

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I'd love to see the numbers for Russia.

Sweet. Let's hear it for the South Koreans!

Of course, this will change now that Russia owns PBR. And Colt 45 Malt Liquor.

Three stashes in a row re alcohol:  PandaWhale has a drinking problem!

We drink, we get drunk, we fall down. No problem!

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