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Things You Learn Hanging Out With John Oliver

20 Things You Learn Hanging Out With John Oliver | Rolling Stone

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There had been talk of expanding Last Week Tonight beyond Sunday nights, but that's unlikely for now.

Says HBO programming chief Mike Lombardo, "If John came to me tomorrow and said, 'I think we're ready to do more than once a week,' I'm with him. I also know how rare it is to get something that feels like it's working, and I don't take that for granted."

"HBO is kind of open to everything, it seems, until the big pillow in the sky comes down and is pressed over our face," Oliver adds. "They've been unremittingly supportive in their silence. We have an option to do 60-minute specials of the show, if we want. You know, 60-minute one-offs. I think we need to get good enough at making 30 minutes before we can think about doing 60. This show is exhausting to produce in 30-minute form, and it's intense enough to watch that I'm worried that at 60 minutes, it could be exhausting to watch. It's not unlike how you look at 30 Rock and you realize there's a joke in almost every line. They just don't hang around. Or Arrested Development, where it's just packed."

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