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Occupational Hazards of Working on Wall Street

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"The question I’ve always had about this army of young people with seemingly endless career options who wind up in finance is: What happens next to them? People like to think they have a “character,” and that this character of theirs will endure, no matter the situation. It’s not really so. People are vulnerable to the incentives of their environment, and often the best a person can do, if he wants to behave in a certain manner, is to choose carefully the environment that will go to work on his character."

People become like the environment they are in.

"“I’m going to Goldman,” is still about as close as it gets in the real world to “I’m going to Harvard,” at least for the fiercely ambitious young person who is ambitious to do nothing in particular."

At least at Harvard you have a chance to be taught the value of human life.

At Goldman, there is only money.

Yeah, I wasn't trying to bash Harvard in any way, but was just lifting the quote verbatim

Understood, I'm just trying to understand why anyone would join Goldman.

It's because they care about money more than anything. 

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