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Why the sexual “fluidity” trope is sexism in disguise.

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As our movement has matured, we've mostly moved away from these sorts of pleas, and from their implicit concession that heterosexuality is the natural and desirable default state of human beings, and homosexuality an unfortunate perversion. But nervousness continues at the possibility that some people might have the option to simply ignore their same sex attractions, and that this might undermine the project of LGBT equality. As a result, gay men and lesbians haven't always been the best allies to our bisexual sisters and brothers.Perhaps that's partly why, today, bisexuals still tend to be viewed, falsely, as promiscuous, untrustworthy, and uninterested in monogamy. In such a climate, the desire for a new way of talking about bisexuals without using the word bisexual is understandable. 

I guess the key is coming up with a new word without "sexual" in it. 

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