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How Swipe Culture is Tinderizing our Lives — Medium

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Every now and then, though, I wonder if we’re too preoccupied with efficiency for its own sake. One of the best things in life, after all, is the spontaneity of human contact. But, as one flatscreen after another processes us along on our various routes, some of that is being lost. We’re getting from A to B quicker than ever; but the spaces between A and B are swiftly resembling ghost towns.

That is very well said.

Post 2008 whenever I walk around I see a majority of people with their heads down in their phones.

"Swipe culture" is ruining attention spans... And expectations.

This immediacy has spread everywhere. We can see it as we shuffle restlessly through the music on our smartphones, or the options on our Netflix subscription; and, increasingly, we can see it in our love lives. In the world of dating, human beings have never been easier to embrace or dismiss. Witness the ease with which potential love (or, let’s be realistic, lust) interests can be swatted aside on Tinder, or any of the other sites who have emulated its format; with a flick to one side you can let them into your life, and with the other you can send them into oblivion. It’s caffeinated romance: speed dating has become amphetamine dating.

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