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How Evernote's CEO organizes his Evernote.

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For the most part, he doesn't according to his Quora answer.

He just uses search.

The thing he uses Evernote's organization tools for is sharing some notes with small, specific sets of people. 90% of his notes are not organized.

Search means you have to know what you're looking for. You better be really consistent about using the same keywords or you're going to miss a lot of relevant stuff. I experience this all the time even with a pretty significant tagging system.

I love Evernote but the inherent problem with any archiving system like this is unchecked sprawl. Unless you're regularly tending garden to keep things organized you risk quickly ending up with a digital unkempt garage where it's really hard to find that allen wrench underneath the paint cans and the inflatable raft.

I think we need to take the emphasis off storage. Storage as a problem has been solved. There's more than enough. Does the system increase my productivity? Is it useful? If I'm doing search after search trying to find that thing that I know is in there somewhere there is a breakdown in the overall system.

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