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Google+ Hangouts Alternative that i built in last 30 days :)

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Rajan, what makes it better than Google+?

There are many ways i have made this much simpler than G+ hangouts.

* It is very easy to use. No need to fill profile etc.

* Other parties can join as guests at a simple URL e.g.

They can even video chat without creating accounts.

* It uses peer-to-peer technology. So, if it's used inside an enterprise or start-up. It doesn't cost them the bandwidth. So, people can use it as much as they want without worrying about the bandwidth.

* Also, it feels good to say - 'Telechat with Adam Rifkin' as compared to 'Google Hangout with Adam Rifkin'. Kind of more marketable than Google Hangouts.

Would love your feedback :)

neat. differences between telechat and tinychat?

Tiny chat has not kept it clean. It's like MySpace :)

I mean it doesn't feel safe when you visit the site and poke around a bit. It feels more like Chatroulette than Google Hangouts.

Additionally, they have lot of things going on instead of the chat. There are profile links you can click and do a lot of stuff.

Overall, they are a portfolio company of Ashton Kutcher and seem to be more focused towards Entertainment Industry.

We aim to deliver clean cut and super simple experience that everyone can enjoy without having to FIGURE out what is going on!

Rajan, are you primarily focused on two people (like Airtime and Nyoombl) or are you primarily focused on many people (like Google Hangouts)?

Also, have you seen ?

Yes. I have seen

The problem with Younow's model is that it would be hard for it to be more entertaining than Youtube because a person on cam has limited ability to produce great content on the fly.

We are focused on many people like Google Hangouts.

Telechat gets 1000 visitors the first day of launch. Around 100 registered users. 10% conversion is not bad.

Tips to boost the conversion are welcome :)

Telechat Homepage

Congrats, 10% conversion is actually quite good!

Thank you Adam.

We could boost conversion using Fb/Twitter login etc. but that won't force us to deliver compelling value to our users. We want to deliver a compelling proposition that makes them do the effort of creating an account with us.

Presence of 'Create Account' form after the content/description helps user to focus on what it is before they create an account.

We are not forcing users into signup quickly by showing the sign-up form as the first thing in the page. we think this is 'slow web' movement thing. It also helps us build quality users and a good community of people who are genuinely interested in the product :)

That's a good idea. It's better to have 100 engaged users than 100,000 unengaged users.

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