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We Need a ‘Conservative’ Party -

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There has been lots of talk that Paul Ryan’s nomination ensures that we’ll now have a “real” debate about the role of government. That’s actually funny. The bar for this campaign is so low that we celebrate the fact that it might include a serious debate about one of the four great issues of the day, though even that is not clear yet. And even if Ryan’s entry does spark a meaningful debate about one of the great issues facing America — the nexus of debt, taxes and entitlements — there is little sign that we’ll seriously debate our other three major challenges: how to generate growth and upgrade the skills of every American in an age when the merger of globalization and the information technology revolution means every good job requires more education; how to meet our energy and climate challenges; and how to create an immigration policy that will treat those who are here illegally humanely, while opening America to the world’s most talented immigrants, whom we need to remain the world’s most innovative economy.


Imagine if G.O.P. education policy was set by former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida, without having to cater to radicals, who call for eliminating the Department of Education and view common core standards as some kind of communist conspiracy. Mr. Bush has argued that a conservative approach to education for 21st-century jobs would embrace more effective teacher evaluation and common core standards, but add a bigger element of choice in the form of charter schools and vouchers, the removal of union rules that limit new technology — and combine it all with greater autonomy and accountability for individual principals. When parents can choose and school leaders can innovate, good things happen.

We can't make this election about serious debate because the electorate doesn't have the attention span for it.

Which is truly a shame. We all lose as a result.

Have you seen the newsroom? Their latest episode delves into that a bit.

I don't think that's correct... IMO, the 24hr news cycle and the need of the MSM need for controversy to maintain their monetization. At their campaign stops, both Obama and Romney are talking about issues, but the MSM only cares about 'Dumb Shit Rednecks Say (about rape)'

Well, and it's clear that Romney and Obama do disagree on many important things.

Obama wants the individual mandate for healthcare; Romney does not.

Obama wants greater taxes on the highest earners; Romney does not.

Obama wants more stimulus; Romney wants more cuts.

Obama wants protection of a woman's right to choose; Romney wants greater protection of the unborn child's life.

Obama supports gay marriage; Romney does not.

Any other big ones I'm missing?

Obama wants to end the war.

So did Richard Nixon.

My statement was pointing back to Mitt's comments in the primary debates about the war.

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