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The Ohio State University Marching Band Wizard of Oz Halftime Show

September 27, 2014:

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Angela Fritz explains:

During Saturday’s football game against Cincinnati, the Ohio State marching band paid brilliant tribute to the Wizard of Oz in what is the 75th year since the film was released.

The band opened with “Over the Rainbow” and quickly moved into what I call “twister formation” — complete with the tornado’s inner core. After her house is swept away, Dorothy and Toto take a stroll along the yellow brick road in the “Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” The Straw Man does a little jig in “If I Only Had a Brain,” before the doors of the Emerald City are opened for Dorothy and her crew.

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Then, the Wicked Witch of the West appears — flying the University of Michigan flag on her broomstick, of course — and the crowd erupts with booing.  But Dorothy gets the final say and the witch melts to the sidelines, Michigan flag in-tow.

As the hot air balloon takes off, and fireworks explode over the rainbow, it’s hard to argue that Ohio State doesn’t have the best band in the land.

Ummm...USC marching band?  Hello? Fleetwood Mac, Macklemore, Jason Derulo, Henry Mancini, Quincy Jones, George Clinton, Diana Ross, Neil Diamond, John Dolmayan and Shavo Odadjian from System of a Down, and USC Alumnus Dexter Holland of The Offsprin. 

Stanford is the most awkward and of course the Ohio alum thinks Ohio State has the best band. 

Stanford is the most legendary!!

Isn't their mascot a drunk tree?

Yes.  How awesome is that!

my wife (who was in the Notre Dame Band) told me they were banned from there for dressing up as nuns.

They were banned at ND on a separate occasion (after being reinstated) for doing a tribute to the Irish Potato famine where they all laid down and played dead, no music playing.


Their most famous transgression:

Being banned by Notre Dame was pretty badass too.

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