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Lions say Tight End Joseph Fauria sprained his ankle trying to stop his dog, Lil’ Rufio, from urinating indoors...

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Yes. It was Lil’ Rufio’s fault.

What’s refreshing about this is how open and honest the Lions were about it. Some organizations might have tried to hide the fact that a tight end for the team injured himself stupidly at home, or not divulged any details because it would be seen as a “distraction” or some such thing.

Not the Lions. They owned it. Joseph Fauria sprained his ankle trying to stop Lil’ Rufio from urinating in the house. They’re not hiding that from anyone.

So, since the start of last season, the Lions have lost players to:

  • saving a pizza

  • stopping a dog from peeing

  • celebrating a sack

Reddit comments:

I wonder how this factor is represented in the Daily Fantasy player's algorithm.

Reddit goodness:

*I did quite a double take when I mindlessly clicked on the little note next to Stafford's name on Yahoo Fantasy just to make sure he didn't suffer any minor injuries at practice or whatever only to see that he was nearly crushed by a bridge.

*Your season is starting to look like the weirdest Final Destination yet.

*To be this point ONLY ONE bridge collapse is actually a good day for Detroit.

Oh man, people in Detroit have it so surreal. 

It's also rumored Fauria actually injured his ankle playing volleyball, which he denies.

It's also rumored the Lions are a bunch of liars.

No matter what the story is, professional athletes should be less delicate, don't you think?

Yeah, especially because of their name.  They're like fragile glass lions.

Dad whats a Superbowl Lions Meme imgur


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