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Marriott builds a Virtual Travel Teleporter


While you could theoretically boot up the demo on any computer, Marriott’s pod is special because it’s "4D," incorporating fans, synthetic scents, and a platform that tilts and rolls to give you a sense of real motion. That’s actually a big difference. You could play a beach simulator on any Oculus Rift, but the 4D pod can separate you from reality in a way that a headset alone can’t. In Hawaii, a warm, vaguely tropical smell hides the ordinary hotel scent. In London, cold wind whips your hair back. When you fall through the portal, your body actually shifts forward. It’s all obviously artificial, but it’s close enough to effectively suggest a change of scenery.

Imaginary vacations were a fixture of pop culture long before the virtual reality boom. Ian Cleary, a VP for Relevent — which helped develop both the travel pod and the Game of Thrones Oculus Rift experience — says this project was inspired partly by Total Recall. "Your brain is just a collection of signals that it gets from your sensory organs. Whether those inputs are real or fake, at the end of the day it kind of doesn’t matter. If we can replicate them faithfully enough through these mechanisms, your brain believes that you went to these places and did these things."

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4D? That's adorable. 

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